Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for Axiatonal Lines Reconnection (Chris Comish) (LightWorker™ Series) Breathe of Bliss (Andrea. Axiatonal lines - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Axialtonal Lines The Reconnection - A Transformative Experience. Uploaded by. You also freely download a copy of this manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format from our web site .. and reconnect the Axiatonal Meridians. .. jaw line, through the chin area to the corresponding point below the other ear.

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AXIATONAL LINES RECONNECTION PDF - The Axiatonal Alignment brings in and activates these new golden lines allowing for the exchange of light and. Axiatonal Alignment reconnects one to the golden Axiatonal Lines -- a very subtle This damaged the Axiatonal Lines preventing us from reconnecting to our. copy of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, or visit us online at . The Reconnection brings in "new" axiatonal lines that enable us to standardize.

Axiatonal work with triangulations seems to be connected with yin-yang and central position descriptions of energy flow through the three sephirothic pillars of kabbalistic Tree of Life. At this point I could not confirm if these directions are correct, but they are respected by most of the people. Working with the eighth higher center, we can build triangulations through all seven major chakras. We can use complicated system, similar to Indian Sriyantra symbol A , or cascading connection B : Source: Vasuna Some people use simplified models with only some centers included.

Tree of Life Hurtak also describes triangulations between 7th, 8th and 9th chakra as a tool of supreme connection. This system is considered to be an advanced practice. Possible connected triangulations in this system are: Source: Vasuna As we can see, triangulation is widely used.

Triangulation symbolizes harmony, balance of yin and yang in motion, but at the same time connected triangulations provoke the zigzag flow of yin-yang energy flow, while the residual horizontal lines serves as balancing tool between yin and yang at the level of particular chakra could be also used for dan tians : Source: Vasuna Zigzag or diagonal lines could connect different chakras and body parts.

Axiatonal Alignment. Regarding horizontal lines ordinary chakra lines could be used as they are pictured in my simulation: Source: Vasuna Whole-Self Attunement Manual uses these horizontal lines: [22] Source: Whole-Self Manual. After a full body axiatonal alignment fast self healing is only part of process. Many of the clients showed up advanced healing abilities.

Three such clients I have known one is a Gazer, healing hands and third seems no need to use touch or gaze for her healings, request of a healing session is enough.

I expect a lot many new one might show up in future.

Using the master symbol 1: draw over yourself and rest for 2hrs. Call the golden symbol from source as shown in final design 2.

Draw over the client using your dominat hand middle finger like emitting a golden light from tip of finger as per the sequence no hard and fast rule A: the central dot at the centre of body B:Over the soulstar chakra the golden ball is drawn in three circles anticlockwise. This process starts all over again, and carries on for eternity to explore other themes.

This, in a nutshell, is the Big Picture. The lower aspects of Self wanted to go off on their own. When we consciously renounced our Divinity, we separated from the rest of Self.

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This break occurred below the Oversoul level. By agreement, the Higher Self remained with the separated Self under the condition of non-interference; and to provide assistance only when called upon to assist.

The etheric body which inter-penetrates the physical body consists of many higher dimensional templates. When separation from the larger Self occurred, a set of lines known as axiatonal lines or axiatonal meridians that connect all levels of Self were also severed.

These axiatonal lines used to feed into a 5th dimensional circulatory system known as the axial circulatory system, as well as the 4th dimensional acupuncture meridians.

This flow of higher energy used to maintain the physical body and its organs, as well as the emotional and mental bodies in perfect harmony. When the axiatonal lines were severed, the axial circulatory system became dormant. The acupuncture meridians were left to draw just enough energy to sustain life.

The separated aspects of Self then limped along at subsistence levels of energy, and continued a karmic existence. All previous awareness of the larger Self was also veiled. The Lower Self then took on a life of its own, characterized by fear, self-will and pride.


Through the varied life experiences orchestrated by the Soul, the personality begins to realize that it is a part of a larger aspect of Self, and that this larger aspect of Self is in turn part of a larger Whole.

By now, the yearning to reconnect with the rest of Self is very great.

It is that desire to reconnect, and the willingness to reconnect that makes the reconnection possible. The larger Self is just as eager to reconnect, because separation is very unnatural for Spirit.

The larger Self is willing and eager to assist in the re- integration, and can facilitate the process with great ease. There are three very important conditions that must be fulfilled before we can return to Wholeness.

Firstly, we must consciously seek reconnection with the larger Self. We exercised our free will to separate from the larger Self.

We must now exercise our free will once again to seek reconnection. Secondly, we must consciously reclaim our Divinity. The key to accepting our Divinity is total unconditional self- acceptance.

Axiatonal lines reconnection pdf

The larger Self sees ALL experiences as beneficial. All our experiences have indeed en- riched us, and led us to our enlighten- ment.

All along, it has been the Lower Self that has judged negatively and condemned. The Lower Self meant well, and acted to protect the separated Self.The axial circulatory system connects all the spin points in the body.

A Little Personal Background My colleague, is a healer and intuit as am I, and we have been working in the healing arts field for over 15 years. The Lower Self then took on a life of its own, characterized by fear, self-will and pride. Axiatonal Alignment. In fact, if you pay attention, negative words actually negatively affect you.

Once the connection has been re-established, the Oversoul transmits the appropriate energies through the axia- tonal lines to regenerate, and reharmonize the various bodies according to the Divine Blueprint. At a point in time, we humans chose to separate from our Divine Source. Three such clients I have known one is a Gazer, healing hands and third seems no need to use touch or gaze for her healings, request of a healing session is enough.

Both authors have written the book on their system, but practical work with axiatonal lines has been kept as a secret by both of them.

The Axiotonal lines are made of Light and Sound.